Learn How to Effectively Execute Your Goals

Hey Queen!! So, I feel that this is a subject that is on high demand more so toward the beginning of each year and then as the year starts to trickle in and other things becomes our priority focus, the importance on the achievement of goals starts to dwindle as well. Often times, when new years is approaching, we are set and mighty on establishing goals and being “committed” to achieve them! I believe that when we say committed, we aren’t taking into consideration the process and the work behind accomplishing  goals. Or better yet, we may know that it takes work, but we don’t prepare for setbacks and roadblocks, but let me not digress!

So, you’ve heard of tangible versus intangible right? These terms apply to goals as well! When New Year’s strolls in, or whenever it is that we decide to create goals for ourselves, we focus on tangible goals! Goals that, in the end when achieved, we’ll be able to feel or see. For example, saving money in order to buy a new car or go on a much desired/needed trip! That’s cool and dandy, but what happens to those intangible goals? The ones that are needed, the ones that equal great gains, but are often overlooked or deemed insignificant in that moment because the outcomes are not something we can touch or feel and/or satisfy our need for instant gratification. Intangible goals, such as working on self-care, personal development, relationship with God, etc. are harder to “see” because prior to “seeing” change needs to occur and change takes time meaning that the growth isn’t evident right away.

The abovementioned tangible and intangible goals are often times set simultaneously; however, when life starts to happen (which it does) and because the goals that require self-work are more difficult to see, we tend to start focusing more on those goals that will produce a given tangible outcome. We then forget about the inner work we need to do in order to get to closer to creating our best self, which in turn will help with the discipline needed to accomplish said goals in the first place. When life gets tough and tests us, its easier to quit or blame it on something more “prevalent” at the moment. Whereas, when the goal is to make more money and funds aren’t adding up to what you were expecting, its easier to pick up a shift or add on a job in order to make the goal work in the end. I want to stress that I’m not saying that saving money is easy or that adding on jobs and shifts is easy, but what I am saying is that when we compare the different types of goals discussed above, its much easier to give up on the one we cant readily see.

Although, this post is to help with tools to achieve all goals, I encourage you to start working on those things which you cannot see, as it is part of building your foundation and eventually, as discussed prior, will aid in helping you achieve the tangible goals. So, what do we do in order to bring our goals to fruition?

I have four strategies to help in this area. These aren’t the end all be all, but are important in setting the tone for accomplishing goals.


Many times, we are setting goals without a map on how we will reach the destination! I am guilty of it! We say things like I’m going to lose weight and, in our minds, we tell ourselves that we are going to do it by going to the gym and eating right! Easy enough right? Well, no! When we do it this way, once life gets in the way (which it will) we will be too caught up with what’s happening around us and to us that it’ll be too hard to keep up. There are smaller steps within this goal that need to be mapped out, such as meal prepping, how often are we going to the gym, etc. Again, I provide this example because it’s one that I struggle with. I’m one of those people who starts and then doesn’t continue.

Let’s take spirituality as an example too. I use this because it’s something that I build on daily. We can notice that life isn’t going the way that we want and we want to make some changes, so we say I’m going to increase my spirituality, but again, we don’t create steps to get there and when life throws us lemons, we forget to make lemonade. In this example, we would figure out how we are going to increase spirituality and what that means for us (it isn’t the same for all of us). It can be spending more alone time, more processing and reflecting, reading the bible, etc. Then take it a step further and include how often. By including the frequency of said objectives we will have something to gauge where we are (progress) in the journey.

Write IT Down

I can’t stress this enough. In order to stick to goals, we HAVE to write them down! I’m guilty of not doing this too. When I don’t write things down, they are easier to put on the back burner and easier to forget when life takes over. In complete transparency, there are times when I have not written things down because then I know it would hold me accountable. In other words, it was a subconscious excuse to procrastinate on what I know should have been getting done! This works with any goal; it doesn’t have to be huge life goals. This strategy will work with something as simple as cleaning your home. When it is written down, we are more apt to do it. Writing goals and objectives down works different for everyone, but we have to figure out what truly works. For some people it can mean writing it in a notebook or in a calendar. That option doesn’t work for me because I don’t always open up a notebook or a calendar; however, I do like to write it down where it is readily visible, such as a huge calendar behind me or a paper on the wall with everything written down. This helps to hold me accountable. There are also people who have to have it written down in various places. Whatever works for you!

Be Intentional

Usually, when we are working on goals, we set for ourselves, we are super motivated to accomplish them and it helps start the race. I’m here to tell you to not rely on sole motivation. When we rely on sole motivation there comes a point in the race where we will lose momentum and here’s why! Motivation is wavering. The truth is that we WON’T always feel motivated to do the things we set out to accomplish. It sucks, but its just the way it is! I hope that with this you can give yourself some grace and take it easy on yourself. You are not alone in your feelings of not feeling motivated at all times. I say this with hopes of some normalization for you. Feeling like we are doing something “wrong” can be a detriment to our end goal. Know that you will experience this feeling and the key is being able to get out of that rut and that is where that inner work comes in! See I told you its necessary.

Since we won’t always be motivated, we have to be intentional with where we position ourselves. Put yourself in situations that are going to propel you, surround yourself with people who are going to help propel you. Maybe look for a community of people who are in the journey of accomplishing the goal you are working on. This creates accountability. I remember when I started to drink a gallon a day again, my friend created a group for accountability called “A Gallon a Day.” Joining the group was a purposeful decision because on a daily basis, people with the same goals were posting their gallons and it gave me the motivation on days when I needed to drink that gallon. It gave me the motivation to outdo myself on a day to day basis and lead by example. There is a danger to this though, there need to be other methods to get us back on track when we fall off because what happens when your goal is no longer other people’s goals or when they have given up on theirs and you relied on their achievements to achieve your goals. So, I encourage you to tread lightly on this one and be intentional about having different plans for times of lack of motivation.


Be committed! Not just committed to the end goal, but committed to the process. Be aware that there will be struggles within your journey, so that when the struggle(s) come you’re ready to face them. We know nothing comes easy, but we don’t always think about that when we are setting goals. We just think about the finish line. When we are committed to the end goal, we forget the in between (process) and it affects how we show up and maneuver our way through. In the words of Inky Johnson, “commitment is what you said you were going to do way past the mood you said it in.” This goes back to the fact that you will not always be motivated, but when you are determined, consistent and committed, lack of motivation won’t stop you from reaching the end goal. Please remember that being in a rut, feeling unmotivated and unproductive sometimes doesn’t mean that you have lost or that you aren’t committed. On the contrary, if you felt all of those feelings and found a way to get back up and keep it pushing it shows the commitment.

Intentionality creates discipline, which creates consistency, which then creates habits. I don’t have all of the answers. I, too, am a work in progress. My goal is remind women that it’s okay to be a work in progress, but to also not use it as an excuse to not get things done! Its okay to not be perfect. Let’s practice excellence as opposed to perfection (that’ll be another blog). Let’s continue working on our goals, working on our crafts (whatever it may be) lets continue taking risks and continue growing.

If this was in any way helpful, please feel free to leave a comment and share with us. Also, feel free to send me an email if you want to chat further.

As always, be encouraged, be unstoppable, be brave and most of all Be All Things Bold!!

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