Peace and Celebration

Hey Queen!

So, recently I heard two words that resonated with me. Pause and Celebration! I thought to myself, this is deep. We truly can’t have one without the other. So often we look at ourselves, at our lives and we think of everything which we are not. Everything that we haven’t accomplished and then we beat ourselves up about it. Although we know that we shouldn’t, there’s something that prevents us from giving ourselves credit. Maybe it’s the fact that we live in a world full of critical folks, or that we are too modest because we don’t want to seem too “much” to others, etc.

I truly wish that we could normalize praising ourselves and tooting our horns without hesitation and without expecting and/or receiving judgement from others. Moreover, though, half the time we aren’t able to see what we are doing well, how much we have accomplished, how far we’ve come, or the growth in general because we don’t take the time to PAUSE!

We get busy with day to day responsibilities and the days become hectic. We tend to get up and then the seconds become minutes, the minutes become hours and before we know it the day is over. No time to sit and think! No time for us! We need to be able to sit with ourselves and establish and experience peace. Miriam Webster’s Dictionary defines peace as, “a state of tranquility or quiet.” It requires peace to be able to celebrate, but how do we obtain peace? And then once there is external peace how do we establish and experience internal peace? They aren’t one in the same. Peace can be the opposite of noise! There’s a lot of noise out there in the world which keeps us from being great because we are too busy in the mix. Too busy receiving messages which aren’t meant for us. Too busy in ambiances that serve us no purpose. Noise and frequency that ultimately influences our behaviors. There are so many different levels to peace, yet for the sake of today, we will focus on how lack of peace will keep us from acknowledging how great we are and minimizing our growth to ourselves and to others. 

To experience peace, we need:

To be Intentional

There are certain things that wont just happen for us! For example, in order to maintain health and know that we are healthy, we have to go to doctor’s appointments. If we don’t make doctors appointments then we wont truly know the status of our health. And sure, your provider may call you for a reminder; however, in the end, its up to you to make the appointment and then attend. We are intentional about these matters because they are important to us. The same way we make time to make these appointments, we need to be intentional in making time and carving time out so that we can be with ourselves. When we are with ourselves, then we can be in a space where there’s no external noise and we can work on the internal noise going on. When we quiet the mind, we are able to sort through life and how we’ve been going about it. It makes it much easier to be aware of what has been happening and to see growth. Without the carved-out time, life simply goes on and we get entangled in it to the point where there’s no room to think about what is needed. Being intentional in this area, will also bring about gratefulness. Its so easy to miss the things we can rejoice in when we don't take the time to reflect. 

Let’s practice making the time for ourselves so that we are able to SEE and celebrate the small victories! Don’t be so caught up with life that you are blind to your progress!

What do you think is needed to celebrate self??

Leave me your feedback and comments below!

As always, be brave, be encouraged, inspire and be inspired and most of all do All Things Bold

Yours Truly, 

Nikki Vee

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