About Us

Nikeisha Vazquez CEO/Founder of All Things Bold

Hello!! My name is Nikeisha Vazquez, CEO/Founder of All Things Bold. 

All Things Bold was derived from the need to empower and encourage women to live and own their truth in order to embrace and be their authentic selves!

All of my life, I struggled with my identity and the need to FIT IN. Due to the need to fit in, I constantly dimmed my light to blend in and make others comfortable. As I journeyed into adulthood, I realized that all of that was really about insecurities, lack of confidence and lack of embracing the real me. I am a trained Social Worker, which has helped me venture into other aspects of life and helped me realize that the way to acquiring confidence and be comfortable in my own skin, is to be my most authentic and transparent self! Now, don't go too far y'all, there's work to be done in order to become our most authentic self. There is healing to be done, there is trauma to uncover and there is the need to be intentional to make this self-work happen. We can not get to the next level in our lives successfully without being our most authentic selves, which therefore means that we have to make the intentional, but hard, choice of working on what's blocking our blessings! 

I would like you to know that I am currently on this journey and want to be here to support all of the other Queens who are looking to be more confident and manifests those dreams and goals in their lives. I'm in my process of doing the work because I know the struggle and all the blessings that lacking confidence can block!

My goal is that through my apparel women can feel more comfortable doing the work, owning their truth, embracing who they really are and feel good about it!

Best Wishes Queen!